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July 2014
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id Date Time Location Field Info Division
Score Box
Conference Name Conference Name
4142Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMAmherst Washington West Class GAmericanAmherst Panthers (G)NationalMedina Swarm (G)17 - 7 box 
3401Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Belden Class HHN. Ridgeville Rangers (HH)Medina Swarm (HH)11 - 14 box 
4707Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMBrookside High School Class EENorthSheffield Village (EE)NorthVermilion (EE)4 - 2 box 
4869Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMBuckeye High School Class ENorthBuckeye (E)NorthMedina (E)13 - 1 box 
4708Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMButler Rodman Park Class EESouthAlliance (Nutial) (EE)SouthRavenna (EE)13 - 3 box 
3636Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Coach Will Call Class HIndependentOlmsted Falls Bulldogs (H)AmericanWellington Hamer (H)18 - 17 box 
3984Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class GGAmericanMedina Thunder (GG)AmericanCloverleaf Colts (GG)14 - 13 box 
3987Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class GGNationalNorth Olmsted Shotgun Sound (GG)NationalMedina Swarm (GG)3 - 15 box 
4137Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class GAmericanMedina Stars (G)AmericanOlmsted Falls Bulldogs #1 (G)15 - 12 box 
3986Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class GGNationalMedina Vipers (GG)AmericanBuckeye Mellion Orthodontics (GG)3 - 13 box 
3989Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMColumbia Park Class GGNationalColumbia American Eagle Coin (GG)NationalS/A Firelands Firehawks (GG)0 - 11 box 
3554Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Columbia Park Class HIndependentColumbia Jakes 252 Gar. (H)NationalGrafton Baron (H)9 - 8 box 
4877Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMEdinburg Park Class ESouthSoutheast Pirates (E)SouthRavenna (E)submit scores 
4140Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMElyria-Carlisle Reservation Ball Fields#1 Class GNationalKeystone Asbury (G)NationalS/A Firelands Laposky (G)1 - 12 box 
4870Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMFirelands High School Class ENorthFirelands/South Amherst (E)NorthNorth Ridgeville Rays (E)6 - 6 box 
4873Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMGeorge Daniel Field Class ENorthLorain Titans (E)NorthN. Ridgeville/ Grafton (E)4 - 3 box 
3457Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Litchfield Park#2 Class HAmericanBuckeye Select Auto (H)IndependentN. Ridgeville Bullfrogs (H)9 - 8 box 
4202Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Medina - Cobblestone Park#1 Class FFMedina Rangers (FF)Buckeye T.L. Keller Meats (FF)10 - 3 box 
4138Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMMidview North Class GNationalMidview Special Scapes (G)AmericanWellington Stampede (G)submit scores 
4490Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Midview North Class IEastN. Ridgeville Stefanec's Barbershop (I)WestMidview North Dairy Queen (I)8 - 4 box 
3988Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMMidview North Class GGAmericanMidview Cal Sales (GG)NationalVermilion Impact (GG)1 - 25 box 
4712Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMNorth Ridgeville - Palmer FieldField 3 Class EENorthN. Ridgeville Rangers (EE)NorthLitchfield / Valley City (EE)submit scores 
4350Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** North Ridgeville - Palmer Field Class ISouthN. Ridgeville A. A. Fire (I)SouthSpencer NDK Scrappers (I)7 - 11 box 
4334Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMOberlin Class FDivision 1Oberlin Family Dental (F)Division 2Keystone West Roofing (F)2 - 20 box 
3557Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Oberlin Class HIndependentBuckeye LL Klink & Son (H)NationalOberlin Peters (H)15 - 5 box 
4874Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMPatterson Park Sports Complex Class ESouthNorth Akron (E)SouthEllet Elite (E)13 - 7 box 
4713Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMPatterson Park Sports Complex Class EESouthNorth Akron (EE)SouthBrimfield Redbirds (EE)submit scores 
3985Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMPenfield Recreation Park Class GGAmericanKeystone Houston (GG)AmericanGrafton Phillips (GG)13 - 0 box 
4872Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMPenfield Recreation Park Class ENorthKeystone (E)NorthElyria Extreme (E)2 - 14 box 
4871Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMPrentiss Park Class ESouthKenmore (E)SouthBerlin Center (W. Reserve) (E)submit scores 
4714Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMRootstown High School Class EESouthRootstown (EE)SouthAlliance (Swisher) (EE)submit scores 
4875Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMSebring - Akenhead Field Class ESouthSebring West Branch (E)SouthAlliance (E)16 - 6 box 
4139Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMSheffield Lake - Volunteer Field Class GNationalSheffield Venom (G)AmericanColumbia Kile Construction (G)submit scores 
4136Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMSouth Amherst /Firelands- Douglas Field Class GAmericanS/A Firelands Storm (G)AmericanOberlin Cable Co Op (G)25 - 3 box 
4876Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMSoutheast High School Class ESouthSoutheast Palmyra Prowlers (E)SouthPlain Local - Young & Assoc. (E)5 - 0 box 
4141Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMValley City - Liverpool School Class GNationalBuckeye GPM (G)NationalBuckeye MTD (G)11 - 1 box 
4314Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PM*** Vermilion - Showse Park Class FDivision 2Vermilion Herron (F)Division 2Columbia Scott's Party Rental (F)Make-Up
submit scores
4715Tue, 07/01/20146:30 PMWellington Community Park Class EENorthWellington (EE)NorthColumbia Station (EE)11 - 5 box 
3928Wed, 07/02/20146:00 PM*** Vermilion - Showse Park Class GGNationalColumbia American Eagle Coin (GG)NationalVermilion Impact (GG)12 - 24 box 
4535Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class IWestSA Firelands #2 (I)NorthOberlin Rotary (I)submit scores 
4546Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class INorthMedina Titans (I)WestMidview North Dairy Queen (I)15 - 5 box 
4536Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class IWestNorth Olmsted BSN Sports (I)NorthKeystone Sengnas Const. (I)13 - 15 box 
4544Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMCoach Will Call Class INorthKeystone #1 (I)EastN. Ridgeville So. of the Square Col. (I)submit scores 
4207Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PM*** Coach Will Call Class FFSheffield Hitmen (FF)S.Amherst/ Firelands Mullins (FF)13 - 4 box 
3444Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PM*** Columbia Park Class HIndependentColumbia Jakes 252 Gar. (H)AmericanCloverleaf Colts (H)2 - 19 box 
4709Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMEllet High School Class EESouthEllet (EE)SouthSpringfield Township (EE)12 - 2 box 
4710Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMGeorge Daniel Field Class EENorthLorain Titans (EE)NorthBuckeye (Medina) (EE)5 - 4 box 
4219Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PM*** Medina - Reagan Park#4 Class FFMedina Rangers (FF)North Olmsted Hot Stove (FF)12 - 7 box 
4539Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMMedina - Reagan Park#5 Class IEastMedina Swarm (I)SouthBuckeye Tonio's Pizza (I)19 - 0 box 
4543Wed, 07/02/20146:30 PMMidview North Class ISouthMidview North Columbia Dog Training (I)EastOberlin #2 (I)7 - 20 box 
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